Students learn about healthy relationships

Students learn about healthy relationships
Posted on 06/13/2017
MPSD nursesMPSD nurses Jennifer Hinz and Kellea Ewen utilized a unit from the Grapevine program to present at McKinley Academy about mental health and healthy relationships.  Grapevine is a state-funded organization that influences positive decision making and health choices for women and those who love them in the state of Wisconsin. 

The following is an article from Grapevine's newsletter about the experience at McKinley...



Jenny Hinz is an RN at the Manitowoc Public School District, and she recently shared that GrapeVine "has changed some lives here in our school for some very high risk young ladies".

Not too long ago, Jenny and her co-worker, Kellea Ewen, co-taught the mental health and healthy relationship units to a group of students at McKinley Academy. These are students who require special attention and often come from troubled homes. The information in the units is so relevant to them, and GrapeVine sessions give them an opportunity and safe place to open up. "I'm sure they talk about it among themselves, but having an adult to talk to is different." Jenny adds that students were actively engaged during the sessions and provided feedback and examples from their own lives- even taking time afterwards to speak privately with the nurses about issues they had been going through, whether mental health concerns or sexual activity.


It's information they need to hear, and it's especially impactful at their younger ages. Jenny thanks GrapeVine for providing the units, and we thank Jenny, Kellea, and all our community partners for their dedication in sharing health education!

(pictured are MPSD nurses Kellea Ewen, Nan Oswald & Jennifer Hinz)